The differences between Danish and Puff

Jun 30, 2021

Puff pastry is actually one of the two types of laminated(layered) pastry. It’s pastry bro is the flaky pastry. Both are flaky, light and laminated dough that has alternating layers of butter and dough, creating the multiple delicate and crisp layers up for chewing. 

Well, puffs are actually leavened by steam during baking unlike Danish which worked by yeast!

Savory puff! Blueberry Danish! Yeah, puffs are usually come with savory toppings as it has a neutral taste of dough that neither consists of salt nor sugar. While Danish does contain sugar which makes it more of a dessert dough. 


Flakier puff and fluffier Danish… 

 The added magic ingredient – egg within Danish batter creates denser, fluffier and more bread-like texture that is in between a croissant and a brioche. 


More surprise? 

 Danish was literally invented by an Austrian, not French. And was originally been called “Viennese bread” – bread from Vienna, the capital of Austria. 


Written by: admin

Written by: admin

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