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Frozen Ready Baked Portuguese Egg Tart (6Pcs)

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The Portuguese tart comes from the contrast of the crunchy crust with the soft custardy filling.

  • Packing Size :  6 Pcs / Pack
  • Carton Size   :  18 Packs / Carton

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Frozen Baked Portuguese Dessert Egg Tart

You can have a piece of hot egg delight on your delicate dessert plate. Portuguese Egg Tart baked with all fresh ingredients and instantly frozen for freshness retention.

Large flakes falling from the first bite...crispy feel and mild buttery taste, entering into a soft sweet custardy filling. Portuguese Egg Tart is a cross between a custard tart and a cake, small but a delectably sweet dessert. The art outside is made of crispy, flaky pastry, whilst the inside is a creamy, custardy mix. 

Flaky pastry makes a multi-layering beautiful thin crisp crust. Laminating process traps lots of air into it and results in this piece of puffy creation. Portuguese tart crust has a light savory taste and it magically turns into a perfect match for its sweet creamy eggy filling. Wobbly egg custardy filling encased in layers of buttery flaky pastry, which manages to be both crispy and soft at the same time. 

A special feature of Portuguese tart is its caramelized surface on top and stably soft jelly-like texture under it. Both are due to the fascinating mix of egg yolk and cream baked under a high-heat oven. An ideal piece of coffee side snack.

Grab our Portuguese Egg Tart DIY combo to make it yourself. It's a great family entertaining weekend activity as well!

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 9 × 5 cm

Wheat Flour, Salt, Sugar, Water, Butter (Compound), Eggs, Custard Powder, Milk, Whipping Cream

Allergen Reminder

This product contains egg, milk, and traces of soy.

Storage Condition

-18 Degree (Frozen Condition)

Product Shelf Life

6 months

Packaging Size

6 Pcs/ Pack
18 Pack/ Carton

Product Dimension

Size: (Diameter) 7.5cm (Height) 2.5cm

Baking Instruction

*Preheat oven at the baking temperature for 5min
A. If you are using OVEN, bake the product at 230 degree C, approx 25 minutes.
B. If you are using AIR FRYER, bake the product at 180 degree C, approx 15 minutes


Pack (6Pcs), Carton (108Pcs)


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