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New Year Special! Ngaku Chips (Arrowhead) – 90G

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  • Packing size : L Size
  • Carton size :  24 bottle / carton

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Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 26 × 9 × 5 cm

Arrowhead, Salts

Allergen Reminder

This product contains milk and traces of soy and nuts (Product does not contain egg)

Storage Condition

Keep in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat.

Packaging Size

Large Size Red Cover Bottle

Product Shelf Life

6 months



Fried Arrowhead Ngaku Chips (炸芽姑脆片) - Chinese New Year Goodie

How could we leave the famous Fried Arrowhead Ngaku Chips out? It is among the famous Chinese New Year goodies to be served in every household. The bulbs of Arrowhead Plant are the source of these very addictive and crunchy chips. However, it will only appear in the markets about a month before Chinese New Year.

When you see them shelved in markets and roadside vendors, they may look like a tub of potato chips but they are not. They are actually slivers of the arrowhead fruit, fried to a crisp. Though they are an excellent alternative to store-bought chips. It might taste like potato chips but with slight bitterness and a very distinct flavor. Such an addictive snack, crispy, nice, and gluten-free too.

It’s much harder to attain these chips during the non-festive season, Ngaku chips are sort of exclusive only to Chinese New Year.

Other than crispy Fried Arrowhead Ngaku Chips, please check out more of our New Year Specials and Juices!

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Wish you all a better year! May you be granted the courage to start what you had dreamt of and complete what you had left incomplete. Happy Chinese New Year!


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