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Gourmet Chef Frozen Pre-Cooked Chicken Pepperoni Slice – 500gm

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Pre-Cooked Gourmet Chef Chicken Pepperoni Sliced is seasoned with chili, black pepper, and other spices to deliver deep flavors.

Suitable for pizza, sandwiches, pastries, etc…

  • Packing Size:  500gm
  • Carton Size: 8 packs

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Gourmet Chef Chicken Pepperoni Slices seasoned with chili, black pepper, and other spices to deliver deep flavors.

Pepperoni took its name from the word ‘peperone’, which means ‘bell pepper’ in Italian. It is mainly made of minced meat, salt, fat, pepper, spices, and chili. While Pepperoni was invented after its brother, Salami. They are different but similar in their manufacturing process.

To make Salami and Pepperoni, the sausage creator minces the raw meat that is going to be used, mixes in the other ingredients, and then stuffs the mixture into a large sausage casing. Then, it goes through fermentation for a number of days before air-drying and curing process.

Ways of enjoying Pepperoni :

  • Canadians deep fry Pepperoni and have it with honey mustard dip
  • Americans have it on nearly 40 percent of their pizzas (CHECK OUT Pizza Combo!)
  • Its beautiful reddish color makes awesome puff pastry stuffing (shape it up and stuff it with some mozzarella cheese before baking!)
  • Spread a couple of slices in your sandwich. It will mark up the protein.
  • Place them on wrap after cheese spread (it won't take up too much space so you can stuff more of your favorites!)

Most recommended among the products of this brand: Gourmet Chef Chicken Pepperoni & Gourmet Chef Beef Pepperoni

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 9 × 5 cm
Storage Condition

-18 Degree (Frozen Condition)

Product Shelf Life

3 Months

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