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Taybah Raw Yemen Sumur (Acacia) Honey – 200g

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Raw Hadramout Sumur honey from Yemen sometimes called acacia honey is used in treating digestive and respiratory problems.

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Raw Yemen Sumur Honey or "Acacia Honey"

Raw Sumur Honey is the best choice for natural remedies and as daily health supplements derived from Acacia tree. Raw honey is honey that comes straight from the hive without going through pasteurization.

RAW honey consists of millions of active enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These active enzymes act as a powerful anti-bacterial agent which fights off enemies from within. This raw honey imported from Yemen is widely used to treat digestive and respiratory problems, coughs, or flu and treat anemia and post-delivery recovery after blood loss.

Moreover, gluconic acid that is produced naturally during the ripening process of honey contributes to its acidity. The acidity of honey and the hydrogen peroxide content are among the main reasons why honey can fight and kill bacteria that even antibiotics sometimes cannot kill. In more specific words, potent immunity booster.

Sumur honey is a monofloral (derived from one plant species only) honey from the nectar of the Acacia tree which makes it more pure and special in its function and taste





Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Consumption Tips

Beware that temperature above 60 degreeC may damage or kill the active ezymes.


200 gm

Product Shelf Life

2 Years

Product Storage

Store at room temperature. Avoid sunlight and moisture exposure.


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