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Frozen Ready Baked Croissant -Medium (5Pcs)

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Delicious flaky & buttery pastry croissant with a lightweight that made of the premium imported butter with the authentic technique to create heavenly flaky layers.

  • Packing Size :  5 Pcs / Pack
  • Carton Size   :  12 Packs / Carton


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Frozen Baked Medium Size Croissant

Large, Medium & Small sizes available!

Get the best deal in town! We are offering perfectly baked and frozen medium size croissant to fit your serving, fast-frozen technique applied immediately after baking to ensure the freshness retention and shape. Rapid freezing is a completely natural way of preservation which allows very small ice crystals to form in food compounds thus too small to rupture the cells. Therefore, within the food remains same as it's fresh.

Croissant historically means the crescent shape and its main ingredient is the layering yeast-leavened dough made into the shape of a crescent. Soft and light-weight dough folds many times into it the best premium butter forming this sinfully fragrant delight.  It has a crispy and crumbly exterior, though its interior may taste denser than bread due to the composition of its dough. It allows the inside to be softer and lighter with thin layers. Thus croissant is among the pastry members with lots of the features that it possesses. These unique multi-textures create the most wonderful bite and taste. 

Sandwich it with some slices and spreads, toast then you are ready to go.  A bite with a flaky crumbly feel outside and spongy rich inside. A plate of blessed wholesome healthy breakfast is just as simple as that.  Well, best couple it with a cup of nicely toasted morning coffee or a glass of juice. You definitely deserve the best meals to boost up for a new day. 

A rightly baked croissant appears golden and crusty on the outside while containing thousands of lovely airy layers with air pockets. The texture of the first bite is crunchy and ends with a light buttery soft sensation. The puffiness of the croissant has certainly made it an awesome sandwich bread.  

Hint: A perfect croissant, the taste of butter should absolutely not overpower the taste of the dough. 

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Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

Wheat Flour, Salt, Sugar, Water, Butter (Compound), Yeast

Allergen Reminder

This product contains egg, milk, and traces of soy.

Storage Condition

-18 Degree (Frozen Condition)

Product Shelf Life

6 month

Product Dimension

±18cm (Length) , ±7cm (Width) , ±6cm (Height)

Baking Instruction

*Do not defrost or thaw product.
*Preheat oven at the baking temperature for 5min
A. If you are using OVEN, bake the product at 180 degree C, approx 3 minutes.
B. If you are using AIR FRYER, bake the product at 160 degree C, approx 3

Packaging Size

Pack (5Pcs), Carton (60Pcs)

1 review for Frozen Ready Baked Croissant -Medium (5Pcs)

  1. Nasyrah (verified owner)

    This is our family’s favourite place to shop for croissants and other healthy goods.the packaging was neat and the croissants were still fluffy and full of volume when i received it.plus they put the ice pack inside the box and a guide sheet to help me to rebake it correctly.5stars from me!

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