Ready Baked Polo Bun
Ready Baked Polo Bun

Ready Baked Polo Bun

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Ready Baked Polo Bun

Ready Baked Polo Bun


Pineapple Bun (-Polo Bao), well described as a Hong Kong-style breakfast bun. Fluffy sweet bun with a sugary cookie-like crust!

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Baked Pineapple Bun, also called "Polo Bao" (菠萝包) is a traditional piece of sweet bun covered by sugar cookie topping. This topping is made of sugar, eggs, flour, and lard. It is crunchy and is quite sweet compared to the bread underneath. After baking, this sugary top crust turns to a golden-brown colour and it appears to be like the epicarp of a pineapple. Thus it's named Polo (-Pineapple) Bun.

However, the bread dough underneath is Hong Kong-style. Which is softer and sweeter dough than in European bread. These two textures make up a bizarre combination. It's best to take a big bite, ensuring you've got both the bread and crust.

A readily baked Pineapple (Polo) Bun is normally brought hot to the diner's table. Moreover, many of the Hong Kong restaurants (-cha chan teng), offer it with a slice of butter stuffed inside. They are known in Cantonese as "boh loh yau" (菠蘿油). In which boh loh means "pineapple", and yau (oil) refers to butter. Variants of this include using custard in place of butter. 

Serving suggestions for this beautiful bun is...

    • Serve hot with a thick slice of butter in it (the most famous way of eating it)

    • Stuff it with a few thin chicken slice

    • Eat with sweet fillings, such as custard and red bean

    • Halve and toast it then top with any sandwich stuffing (it does make a wonderful sandwich)

    • or, JUST EAT IT! In all its sugary glory

But... Please don't forget its perfect match, a cup of black coffee.

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