tatura cream cheese 1kg

Bega Tatura Cream Cheese (Australia), 1KG

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tatura cream cheese 1kg

Bega Tatura Cream Cheese (Australia), 1KG


Bega Tatura cream cheese for baking or direct consumption. They are world-renowned as a rich and soft spreadable white cheese for home baking.

Packaging size : 250g/500g/1kg


Bega Tatura Cream Cheese 1kg

Tatura Cream Cheese originates from farm-fresh cow’s milk. It's renowned as a rich, soft, mild-tasting spreadable white cheese featuring a superior creamy texture and fresh-tasting flavor. Tatura Cream Cheese products are into three main categories – Cream Cheese, Cream Cheese Spread and Neufchatel.

In fact, cream cheese is the most loyal helper as it takes part in a lot of our daily meals and snacks as well!

For example, you can use Tatura Cream Cheese as a spread for your sandwiches, crackers, or tortillas. It's a good source of vitamin A and contributes some riboflavin (vitamin B2) to your health. Moreover, it could also turn into your baking ingredient such as the mighty delicious cheesecake!

Tip (in case you need to heat the cream cheese) :

It is much better to have the cream cheese sit in a bowl above the boiling water, using a double boiler, or the double-boiler method with equipment that you have, to gently heat, soften, and melt the cream cheese. Too much heat will ruin the cream cheese, with a more gentle process being much more effective.

Tatura Cream Cheese is particularly famous for its texture, consistent product behavior, and superior quality. Whilst, it comes in different sizes to suit your basic need. Not only Tatura Cream Cheese 1kg but also in 500g (for less) and 250g (for lesser).

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