Emborg Grated Parmesan Cheese Powder, 1KG

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Emborg Grated Parmesan Cheese Powder, 1KG

Emborg Grated Parmesan Cheese Powder, 1KG


EMBORG Parmesan Cheese, with rich and delicate buttery flavour. This classic hard cheese is perfect for any type of cooking

  • 1KG


Parmesan cheese is familiar to most people as a sharp and hard cheese. It's usually grated and used as a garnish or accent. EMBORG parmesan cheese comes in powder form for more convenient use.

It has a strong, nutty flavor and grainy texture that can vary depending on the maturation period. Parmesan cheese is highly nutritious. It’s rich in protein, ready-to-use fat, and nutrients that support our health.

Emborg Parmesan Cheese

The origin of Parmesan is in specific regions of Northern Italy. In addition, Parmesan cheese is exclusively from the milk of cows bred in the same area. (-a mix of Italian Frisona, Bianca Modenese, brown, and red cows).

Parmesan is among the cheeses that go through the Rennet-coagulation process. Rennet refers to the group of animal enzymes that kick-start the coagulation process. Calf rennet is the most commonly used animal rennet. 

Moreover, this special cheese requires eight essential steps in order to achieve its optimal state. First, "setting" in order to separate out its liquid whey. As soon as the curd is formed, spino (tool) is used to cut them into rice-size pieces. Then it will be heated and drained for further liquid expulsion. Following it, the knitting and pressing process. They would apply external pressure to the curd. A mold is then used to form the recognizable Parmesan wheels. Lastly would be the salting (submerge it in brine for salt absorption and at the same time further reduce its moisture). After all, comes the long ripening period. 

While the minimum ripening time is 12 months, and it may last for more than 40 months. The total maturation time is what determines the final texture and flavor of the cheese. This is what ranks up Parmesan cheese in terms of its value. 

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