kami filament crab stick

Kami Filament Crab Stick (Easy Peel), 500G x 2

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kami filament crab stick

Kami Filament Crab Stick (Easy Peel), 500G x 2


KAMI Filament Crab Stick Snack Fry - EASY PEEL, suitable for making snacks at home. Especially famous during the Chinese New Year Festive Period

Packaging Size : 500g


Kami Filament Crab Stick - Easy Peel - Famous as a deep-fried snack

This is a relatively new addition to the Chinese New Year snack inventory. Maybe not as traditional as the others on the list, but certainly not less yummy.

Crispy fried crabsticks aren’t fried as an entire stick on their own. It’s actually shredded into thin slices and dipped into burning hot oil. Alternatively, there are also recipes that favor baking the crab stick instead of deep-frying, but it may require more time depending on how big your oven is.

To deep-fry Kami Filament Crab Stick in oil...

Unroll and peel the filament sticks into thin strips. Then set aside or put in the fridge to air dry for around 2 hours - to prevent oil splatters. Heat oil in a deep pan/wok to 160℃-170℃. Distribute strips evenly on hot oil, fry in small batches to avoid sticking. Do not stir immediately, doing so gently after 10-20 seconds is ideal. Deep fry over MEDIUM heat until golden brown. Lastly, drain off excess oil on a paper towel, allow them to fully cool before storing it in an airtight container.

To fry in air-fryer...

The same thing, unroll and peel the filament sticks into strips. Set aside to air dry before setting them into an air-fryer. But before that as well preheat the air-fryer to 160°C (320°F) for 5 minutes. Add a portion (quarter pack - 125gm) of peeled strips in the basket. Cook for 4, 3 followed by 3 minutes. During each interval, pull out the basket and shake the contents for even cooking. If there are any pale-colored crab sticks at the end of 10 minutes, set them aside on a plate. After cooking all the crab sticks, you can cook this last batch of pale crab sticks for 2 more minutes and they will turn a uniform golden color. When cooled, store crispy crab sticks in an air-tight container for up to a week.

This snack is notorious for being addictive and a hit among visitors, especially the young ones who are looking to get their hands on anything deep-fried.

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