What makes us different?

Jan 28, 2021

Our products has no added preservatives, 100% original flavor with top quality imported raw materials. We only choose the best suitable ingredients to give you the great quality of products with best price.

Why we choose to pack individually?

Individual packaging provides greater protection for food against from external hazards. Smaller portion reduce the consumer to store an open pack for later consume. With the individual pack we can have a better control of the product shelf life and to ensure the freshness and the food quality for your every bite.  

Halal Ingredients

All our ingredients are Halal Certified and we only use Halal ingredients for our products. It can serve freely to everyone!

The word halal in Arabic means permitted or lawful. It is used to reference any behavior or object that is permitted under Islamic law. Therefore, halal foods are foods that are allowed to be consumed under Islamic dietary guidelines. 

Written by: admin

Written by: admin

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